Monday, March 28, 2011


Khaled Allen, editor of Farm to Table Online, wrote: "Lorraine draws buildings for architecture projects and landscapes for fun, neither of which are very similar to vegetable booths. Nevertheless, as soon as she walked into the farmers market, she saw the potential for great art: she called the vegetable stands “still life waiting to happen.” That is a good way to describe Lorraine’s renditions of local produce: happening still lifes.

She prefers to draw fast and focus on the energy of the scene rather than its intricacies… Her artwork swirls and swells as if the vegetables she draws are still growing or caught so soon after being picked that they are still coasting to a steady state.

Her drawings are distinctly approachable. Just as farmers markets vegetables are not just for the gourmet and the connoisseur, Lorraine’s artwork is unpretentious. As she described it, it’s “not anything real highbrow; everyone appreciates fruits and vegetables.”

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