Monday, March 28, 2011

Magazine Article

from the article "A Sense of Place" in the March /April issue of WNC Magazine ( :

"Plaxico is one of the few architectural illustrators who generates her renderings by hand (most are created using 3-D modeling software programs), so her work is in high demand. Many architects still want a collaborator to create artistic imagery and enhancements that give a true sense of place. It’s atmosphere and life which give her work that undefinable quality only attainable by an artist’s hand.

“Lorraine breathes life into her designs, adding people, landscaping, natural or man-made lighting, and overall character,” says Jane Mathews, an Asheville architect with whom Plaxico worked to illustrate several North Carolina Arboretum buildings. “She sometimes has to do this with very little information, as we might only be in the early stages of design.”

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